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Air Quality | Approved Air.

The air quality within your home is a growing concern today because homes are being designed and built to be more energy efficient and cost effective. New and existing homes are being "tightened up" with weather stripping, insulation, and double glazing. However these energy savings can come with a price, as the exchange of indoor air and fresh outdoor air is limited.​


When the indoor air becomes dirty and polluted, it can be trapped and recirculated throughout the home. It is important to clean the air by filtering out these pollutants. They can cause you to suffer from flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, nausea and respiratory irritation. They can also aggravate asthma and allergy conditions.​


To complicate matters, there are three distinct types of indoor air pollutants...


Particulates - which include:

  • Dust

  • Pollen

  • Dust mites

  • Animal dander

  • Carpet fibre

  • Lint​


Micro-organisms - which include:

  • Mold

  • Influenza

  • Fungi

  • Viruses

  • Bacteria


Germs ​& Toxins (gases) - which include...

  • Chemical vapors

  • Formaldehyde

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Paint

  • Pesticides

  • Carpet fumes

  • Pet odours

  • Ozone

  • Cleaning vapors

  • Smoke


Approved Air will check your indoor and outdoor unit, then expertly clean and sanitise, thus removing the dirt and toxins which  can cause serious health issues for you and your family.

Health Smart Heat Pumps
Health Smart Heat Pumps
Health Smart Heat Pumps
Health Smart Heat Pumps
Health Smart Heat Pumps

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